5 Delicious On-the-Go Snack Ideas

To keep you feeling full and satisfied, a snack should provide a balance of good carbs and either protein, fat, or both. In other words, eating just a few carrots won’t suffice—and neither will many granola bars. Read (and pin!) our list of perfect anytime snacks.

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1 cup of fresh red grapes + ½ Cup roasted almonds

Antioxidants galore, thanks to the fruit, plus hunger-busting nuts. Get them in the shell—it’ll slow down your eating.

Epic turkey almond cranberry bar

Like turkey jerky but combined with almonds and cranberries, it has 14 grams of lean protein. ($29 for a pack of 12, amazon.com)

Half a red bell pepper, sliced into strips + 1 Wholly guacamole classic mini + 1 Hard-boiled organic egg

Portable protein, vitamin C-rich peppers and satiety-boosting avocado. (Wholly

1 Pouch lemon & rosemary Oloves + Tribe hummus single-serve snacker

A Mediterranean-style helping of good fat, along with fiber and protein to fill you up. ($50 for a pack of 30 Oloves, amazon.com)

Amrita pineapple chia bar

Made with clean ingredients, it combines plant-based protein with fruit and seeds for a balance of carbs, protein and fat, which help curb appetite. ($33 for a pack of 12, amazon.com)

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